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The statute of limitations may not affect a wrongful death claim

Fatal accidents occur all of the time. From car accidents to a wrong diagnosis by a doctor, people lose loved ones due to the actions of others and are often left struggling emotionally, mentally and financially. While they may be suffering in more than one way, they don't need to suffer financially, especially if they decide to file a wrongful death claim and seek compensation for their loss.

Consider seeking compensation after a drunk driving accident

Drunk driving accidents can be so traumatizing for people that they don't know what to do following the incident. People are often left injured, their property has been damaged, they have medical bills they can't afford to pay and more. It is truly unfair, which is why seeking compensation after a drunk driving accident is one thing people should consider.

Accident leaves two young Minnesota boys dead

When getting behind the wheel of a car, drivers should be sure to drive safely so they do not cause a crash. Where accidents occur, people involved do not always walk away with minor injuries or just a bump on the head. In some cases, depending on the type of vehicles that were involved, the size of the passengers and a number of other factors, people are fatally injured.

How can the contributory negligence defense affect my case?

When people put their trust in doctors, they are expecting them to heal them instead of cause more damage. Unfortunately, many people have experienced what happens when a doctor has failed to do their job and have been left in a worse state than when they sought medical care. This failure on the doctor's part is what leads to people filing a medical malpractice claim against a medical provider. Doctors do not always agree completely with a patient's claim, as they may use contributory negligence as a defense should the case make it to court.

Hire an attorney following your truck accident

Truck accidents can be traumatizing for everyone involved, including the truck driver. Just like car accidents, when people are out on the road, there is never really any way of knowing when and where an accident can occur. The smartest and only thing people can do is follow the laws of the road and hope that other drivers do this as well. Even though people may take precaution and try to be safe while driving, accidents still occur and people are still left injured or dead.

Filing a wrongful death claim for someone who was unemployed

It is truly unfortunate when a family loses a loved one in a fatal accident. When a family member dies, it can have a negative impact on all who knew the decedent. Not only may it affect you emotionally, it can affect you financially as well, which is why some people choose to file a wrongful death claim and seek compensation for their loss.

Man awaiting Supreme Court's ruling in medical malpractice case

Medical malpractice cases can be tricky, especially when someone has lost their life due to a doctor's failure to properly treat them. Every case is unique and should be treated as such by all parties involved. While some cases may be easier to handle, others may take some time to be reviewed before a decision is made about whether or not a doctor was negligent.

What are possible consequences for drunk drivers in Minnesota?

It is never OK for people to drink and drive, but some people still make the decision to get behind the wheel and endanger others on the road. When this happens, there is a chance that the driver who is impaired by alcohol will cause an accident and leave others with minor or serious injuries or even kill them. Everyone knows that they are endangering themselves and others when choosing to drive under the influence, so when they ignore the laws and get behind the wheel, they should have to face the consequences should they be caught.

File a property damage claim following a car accident

There are a number of things that can result from a person being involved in a car accident. Not only may they suffer various injuries or even lose their life, but they may also be left without a car or with one that is significantly damaged. Car accidents happen all the time, but that does not mean it is fair for a person to be left without a vehicle, especially if they did not cause the accident.

Driving in a truck's No-Zone can cause an accident

Trucks are large, heavy vehicles, so the damage they cause when involved in a crash can be significant. While out on the road, people may have noticed that there is always a truck nearby, which means there is always the chance a truck accident will occur. No matter where you are driving, it is always important to do what you can to avoid an accident from occurring, and that can sometimes mean avoiding driving in certain areas near other vehicles.

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