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$200 million paid out over decade due to VA's negligence

People in Minnesota and nationwide enjoy freedom thanks to the sacrifices made by America's veterans. The least that veterans should expect is that America will take care of them when necessary. Research conducted by a group of investigative reporters, however, has shown that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has let down a number of vets, to the tune of $200 million.

The group reported that close to 1,000 veterans died between approximately 2002 and 2012 as a result of the negligence of the VA's health care system. The $200 million is the amount in payouts made by the VA in response to wrongful death suits filed by the vets' families. The median payment made by the VA was $150,000.

Man injured in truck accident at rural Minnesota intersection

As the weather gets warmer and sunnier, more Minneapolis residents will be hitting the road, headed for greater Minnesota. Vacationers and anglers will be joining those who regularly visit outstate Minnesota for business or family reasons. These folks will be encountering something there that is less common in the big city: highway intersections without traffic signals.

A truck accident occurred at just such an intersection on April 2 northwest of the Cities. At around 10 in the morning, the driver of a pickup truck was turning left when a semitrailer truck smashed into it on the driver's side. The pickup was totaled and its driver suffered severe injuries. He was transported to the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

Driver accused of drowsy driving after deadly car accident

In the rogues' gallery of dangerous drivers, the drunk driver and the distracted driver have pride of place as some of the best-known menaces to public safety. But another problem driver has been grabbing headlines lately in Minnesota: the drowsy driver. Now, an alleged drowsy driver in suburban Minneapolis has been charged with misdemeanor careless driving after a fatal car crash.

According to prosecutors, the man, 20, was driving on a two-lane road in the late afternoon of May 30 when his sport utility vehicle began to drift into the oncoming lane. After coming into contact with the side mirror of a car in the oncoming lane, the driver allegedly veered back into his own lane. He then collided with an SUV whose driver had pulled into his lane from the oncoming one in an effort to avoid a collision, according to authorities.

New rule aims to prevent car accidents when backing up

Now that winter is more or less behind us, Hennepin County residents should not forget some of the everyday dangers of using a motor vehicle. One of these dangers is the limited visibility drivers have when operating a car in reverse. The federal government has taken a major step toward dramatically reducing the danger of car accidents while backing up.

On March 31, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a proposed rule that would require all new light vehicles sold in the United States to have a rear-view visibility system, consisting of a backup camera and a monitor that the driver could use to see the view captured by the camera.

Dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Minneapolis named

Anyone who has been to Minneapolis has probably noticed the large amount of pedestrian traffic here when compared with other parts of Minnesota. A persistent problem for pedestrians is the large amount of automobile traffic that also exists in the Mill City. A newspaper has analyzed pedestrian crashes in the city between 2010 and 2013 and pinpointed the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians.

The most dangerous intersection for pedestrians is the corner of Franklin and Nicollet in south Minneapolis. Eleven pedestrians were injured there between 2010 and 2013.

"Retained foreign objects" a common surgical error in hospitals

Surgery is a complex procedure, and there are a large number of ways for surgical error to happen. Some problems that arise are arcane in nature; a lay person might have difficulty understanding them. But a surprisingly large number of patient personal injury cases arise from surgeons mistakenly leaving foreign objects in the patient's body when the operation is complete.

Medical professionals refer to this mistake as a "retained foreign object," and most admit that it is never supposed to happen. However, it does, even at the finest hospitals in the country. Minnesota's Mayo Clinic studied the problem, and found that retained foreign objects happened in about one in every 5,500 operations there from 2003 to 2006.

Family settles wrongful death case with tent-leasing company

On beautiful, warm Minnesota days - which hopefully will be arriving at some point - few things are more fun than enjoying other people's company in a hospitality tent. Whether it's musical entertainment, a beer tent or just a big family picnic, there's nothing like relaxing and socializing in the great outdoors in a temporary shelter.

Sadly, like most other things in life, large tents can be dangerous, especially when they are defective or not erected properly. This became evident in a fatal accident that happened in 2012 in another Midwestern city. A tent, full of bar patrons, collapsed during a storm. One person was killed and roughly 100 were injured.

Three killed by allegedly drunk driver at big music festival

The slightly warmer weather in Minneapolis is a reminder that summer is just around the corner, and summer means music festivals and film festivals. Art shindigs big and small are a part of the landscape when the weather gets nice. Unfortunately, an allegedly drunk driver has been charged with felonies after a serious auto accident at one of the nation's biggest arts and technology exhibitions.

Three people were killed and 21 injured when the driver of a van drove into a crowd of people outside a nightclub at the South by Southwest festival on March 13. According to police, the driver was leading officers on a high-speed car chase. Authorities said that the driver, attempting to elude capture, steered the vehicle into the crowd.

Alleged mistakes by home staff result in heat stroke for resident

As the average age of the population in Minnesota continues to rise, more and more people will have older relatives who need to live in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Residents of these facilities ideally get a similar level of care and attention that they would get if they were living with their relatives.

A shocking incident at an assisted-living facility in a Hennepin County community shows that things do not always go according to plan, however. According to a recent report from the Minnesota Department of Health, a resident was left out in the sun for hours on a 91-degree day last summer. The resident allegedly suffered heat stroke as a result of the incident.

Minnesota student injured while using crosswalk near school

Mid-afternoon is usually a busy time outside of Minnesota schools. Buses are lined up and students are crossing the street, either going home or to sports practice. This would seem to be a good time to exercise caution while driving.

Accidents still happen outside of schools, however. A high school student was struck in a crosswalk outside of his high school in northern Minnesota on March 10, according to local police. The local superintendent of schools reported that the student was transported to the hospital and was apparently doing well after the auto accident.

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