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College hockey star from Minnesota injured in auto accident

Snow and freezing temperatures have arrived in Minnesota, and that means one thing: hockey season is here. Hockey fanatics male and female are hitting rinks throughout the Land of 10,000 Lakes and surrounding states. Unfortunately, one collegiate hockey star from Minnesota will be sitting out this season due to injuries suffered in an auto accident.

The young woman in question had been a forward from a northern Minnesota town renowned for producing hockey players. After high school, she enrolled in one of the top hockey schools in the country. According to a local newspaper, the hockey player's pickup truck had stalled on a city street on November 17, and she was putting gasoline in the truck's fuel tank when her vehicle was hit by another vehicle.

Does Minnesota recognize social host liability for DWI accidents?

Minnesota and 49 other states outlaw the sale, consumption or possession of alcohol to those under the age of 21. People younger than 21 are thought by many to lack the maturity needed to consume alcohol in a responsible manner.

However, it's not uncommon for persons over the age of 21 to provide alcohol to those who are legally too young to acquire it themselves. Sometimes it's in the context of a party where young people unexpectedly turn up, other times people want to provide what they think is a safe space for underage drinkers to consume alcohol.

Medical malpractice case against cruise line allowed to proceed

As the snow flies and temperatures fall, some Minnesotans may be getting their skis, snow shoes and ice fishing gear ready. Others may be plotting their escape from the frozen tundra, and a Caribbean cruise may be high on their wish list. But what happens if someone on a cruise becomes sick or suffers a personal injury? Usually they are seen by a member of the ship's medical staff.

Prospective cruise participants may be interested to hear of a recent court decision affecting the rights of injured cruise passengers who bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the cruise line. The case involved a man who suffered a head injury on a cruise ship a few years ago.

Truck accident facts in Minnesota

Far too many people in Minnesota have been negatively affected by truck accidents. In the year 2012, 1,178 people were injured and 56 people died in truck crashes in Minnesota. Given these numbers, there is a good chance that a reader of this blog has had their life affected by such an accident.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has provided some information about 2012 truck crashes in Minnesota. The leading cause of truck crashes is driver inattention and distraction. In 20 percent of truck crashes, a distracted truck driver played at least a partial role in an accident.

Toddler's serious injuries show dangers of texting and driving

The statistics on distracted driving are scary. Almost 75 percent of drivers say that they have engaged in texting and driving. This is despite the fact that 98 percent of people surveyed acknowledged that texting while driving is dangerous. At any given moment, more than 600,000 drivers in America are using some kind of electronic device while operating a motor vehicle, according to the federal government.

One family is thankful that their encounter with a distracted driver did not end in tragedy. Last July, a driver in suburban Minneapolis was reportedly attempting to turn left at an intersection when she crashed into another vehicle containing a 15-month-old boy.

Minnesota cycling fatalities decline, bucking national trend

This summer and fall, thousands of Minneapolitans and Minnesotans hit the streets, roads and highways on their bicycles. In so doing, they got some good exercise and avoided burning fossil fuels. Now a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association has some good news for Minnesota cyclists: the number of biking fatalities has decreased in recent years.

The report authors looked at data from 2010 to 2012. In Minnesota, two fewer people were killed in bike accidents in 2012 when compared with 2010. This bucks the national trend: The country as a whole experienced an increase in annual bicycling fatalities in the same time period.

Family man suffers serious injuries in alleged DWI collision

It's a depressingly common news story in the Twin Cities area: Repeat drunk driver drinks and drives again, injuring innocent parties. This time it has allegedly happened in a community northwest of Minneapolis.

A 42-year-old family man was driving alone in his minivan on a rural road on the evening of October 25. According to the man's boss, he had worked an extra long shift that day and was on his way home. Police said that the man was proceeding through an intersection when the driver of a pickup truck made a left turn into the minivan's path. The two vehicles collided.

Seek medical and legal assistance for jaw pain after car accident

People who have survived a car accident know firsthand that many kinds of injuries can result from this trauma. Broken bones, neck and back injuries and cuts and scrapes are fairly common among crash survivors. We at the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A. wanted to bring your attention to another annoying condition that could develop into a major problem for auto accident victims.

The injury in question is to the temporomandibular joint, so called because it is the point where your jaw, or mandible, meets your skull near your temples. Injury to the joint and the accompanying ligaments can cause a range of problematic signs and symptoms.

After a drowning, wrongful death liability may exist

Minnesota is blessed with a generous supply of swimming and other water-based recreation opportunities. These take the form of our 15,000 lakes, as well as numerous swimming pools, both private and community owned. Unfortunately, due in part to the negligence of certain parties, the water isn't always safe.

Most swimming pools and public beaches in Minneapolis have lifeguards on duty. Lifeguards typically have to pass a certification exam. If the lifeguards are not properly trained, or do their job in a negligent manner, the lifeguard and the lifeguard's employer may be liable for wrongful death if a user of the pool or lake drowns.

Flashing yellow arrows to reduce car accidents in Eden Prairie

Left-turn accidents - where a vehicle executing a left turn enters the path of another vehicle going straight ahead - are a major problem in Minnesota. These often happen at intersections where drivers turning left are expected to yield to oncoming traffic at a green light. Now one city in Hennepin County is changing the traffic light configurations at some intersections in order to prevent left-turn accidents.

The city of Eden Prairie, in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Hennepin County, has announced the addition of flashing yellow left-turn arrows to nine intersections within the city limits. When the lights at an intersection turn from red to green, the flashing yellow arrow will also be activated.

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