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Deadly truck accident allegedly caused by distracted truck driver

The privilege of driving a commercial vehicle in Minnesota comes with major responsibilities. Drivers of large, heavy trucks must operate their vehicles in a way that does not hurt others. Driving is their job, and like the rest of us, they must do their jobs in a professional manner.

According to officials in southwestern Minnesota, one semi driver did not take this responsibility seriously enough. The man faces charges of criminal vehicular homicide, careless driving and a moving violation after a deadly truck accident on September 19.

Drunk drivers, bars and restaurants may be liable for injuries

Hundreds of Minnesota residents suffer injuries in drunk driving accidents each year. When a victim of a drunk driving accident suffers severe injuries, it can affect both the victim and the victim's loved ones. Whether it's missed time from work, hospital bills or pain and suffering, the damages, both physical and psychological, can add up quickly.

These victims probably already know that - depending on the circumstances - the drunk driver can be held liable for the damages suffered as a result of the drunk driver's negligence. If the damages are particularly terrible, however, the drunk driver's assets and insurance policy may not be enough to cover the damages of the injured parties.

Who is at fault in a rear-end accident?

Perhaps you've just been injured in a car accident. You feel that you've been victimized by the other driver's poor driving. But which party is legally at fault for the accident?

This question can be important for injured parties in Minneapolis because the party who is at fault may be liable for the injuries suffered by another party. The party who is at fault may be determined by a court to be a negligent driver, and this determination can trigger liability for damages suffered by others.

How long after an accident must a wrongful death suit be filed?

The unexpected loss of a loved one can come about in countless ways: a fatal car accident, a sudden illness, an incident of medical malpractice or even a fatal boating accident on one of Minnesota's famous lakes. What these situations have in common are their profound tragedy and unforeseen consequences.

Committing to safety on Minnesota's waterways

Minnesota is known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes." The state is famous for its countless water recreation opportunities, from boating in the warmer months to ice skating and other winter activities on frozen lakes during the winter. Still, as with any area known for its recreation culture, there needs to be a concurrent commitment to safety when state residents are enjoying the great outdoors.

From minor injuries to a fatal accident, the effects of water-related negligence can be varied and profound. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources notes that, last year, there were over 40 deaths from "boating fatalities and non-boating drownings." There were a total of 12 boating deaths and 65 non-deadly boating accidents. Still, even one fatal boating accident is one too many.

What are the rules about truck driver fatigue?

Minnesota residents know that there are a lot of commercial trucks plying the roads of our state. Minnesota residents also know that it is an extremely bad idea to drive while tired. What some Minnesota residents may not know are what the rules are for truck drivers to keep them from driving while fatigued.

First of all, why is truck driver fatigue such a problem? Studies show that drowsy drivers have longer reaction times and make worse decisions than drivers who have had the proper amount of rest. The federal government has established regulations that limit the amount of time that truck drivers can operate without a break.

Injuries from a distracted driver accident can be devastating

Distracted driving has been a problem in Minneapolis and elsewhere probably for as long as there have been automobiles. But with the rise of wireless devices such as cellphones, portable music players and now smartphones, distracted driving has become a problem that is hard to avoid.

As discussed in a prior post, distracted driving kills thousands and injures hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. There has been some interest in the Minnesota Legislature for cracking down on distracted driving, but currently there does not seem to be enough support to outlaw cellphone use while driving in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Wrongful death case may be an option after fatal car crash

Perhaps you or someone you know has had the great misfortune of losing a loved one in a fatal car crash. The emotional effect of this can be absolutely devastating. Losses, both emotional and economic, can be severe. Friends who don't know how to help you with your loss may pull away.

On top of all of this, many people know that they have the option of seeking damages from a responsible party if the death was due to that party's negligence. But many people have never had an encounter with Minnesota's civil court system before and don't know how a negligence case would play out.

Resident of Hennepin County nursing home dies after short stay

After undergoing a hospital stay for medical treatment, many people move to a nursing home to rehabilitate for a brief period before returning home. These stays are usually uneventful, but according to the Minnesota Department of Health, one stay in suburban Hennepin County proved to be fatal for the nursing home resident.

The incident occurred last November. The resident moved into the nursing home in Bloomington after receiving treatment for heart disease and pneumonia. She was expected to stay for a period of less than seven days. According to the department, the problems started immediately: she began to experience shortness of breath. The department's report indicated that staff did not respond to her call light in a timely manner during these episodes.

6-year-old cyclist, struck, killed by van in Minnesota

Bicycling can be a fun and healthful activity for Minnesotans of nearly all stages of life. It's a great way to get from point A to point B and back again. Unfortunately, there is one major hazard faced by cyclists on Minnesota roads: negligent drivers.

A heartbreaking fatal accident in northern Minnesota could be an example of this hazard. The accident happened on August 16 in Duluth. According to police, a 6-year-old bicyclist was attempting to cross the street when he was his by a van driven by a 45-year-old woman.

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