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Status update allegedly follows deadly DWI accident in Minnesota

Everybody knows that drunk people are poor decision-makers. Common sense tells us this, and medical tests bear this out. This is why it is illegal to drive after drinking too much alcohol. In the aftermath of a tragic fatal accident, one Minnesota man was accused of making a series of bad decisions while drunk.

The man, 24, has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide. According to prosecutors, the man was driving in suburban Hennepin County on July 22 when he collided with another vehicle. The other vehicle was reportedly waiting in the left turn lane when the accused rear-ended it.

What is the time limit for filing a wrongful death lawsuit?

Losing a family member in a fatal accident is among the hardest challenges any family in Minneapolis is likely to face. There is of course the initial shock of the sudden death. Burials, cremations and memorial services all have to be planned and executed. There are also longer-lasting problems of dealing with estate administration, helping children of the deceased and making alternative arrangements to deal with the loss of income.

Often, when the loss of a loved one is the result of an accident, it is possible to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible parties. Normally, when a person suffers harm for which the legal system offers a remedy, the person herself is who files the lawsuit. A wrongful death action allows the family of the deceased to file a lawsuit on the deceased person's behalf.

One killed, one seriously injured in tractor-trailer accident

It should go without saying that it is important for all drivers to obey signs, signals and traffic laws while behind the wheel. A moment's thought will reveal that this is what prevents the situation on Minnesota's roads from devolving into chaos. Still, thousands of drivers violate traffic laws every day.

This unhappy phenomenon may have led to a deadly multi-vehicle crash on Aug. 8 in a nearby state. According to local officials, the driver of an automobile ran a red light and collided with a semitrailer truck. The collision reportedly loosened the flatbed trailer from the truck and propelled it into an oncoming lane. The trailer collided with a truck towing a horse trailer.

Distracted driving a big problem in Minnesota and nationally

Distracted driving has been in the news lately in Hennepin County and nationwide. Auto accidents resulting from texting and driving and other kinds of distracted driving have been all too common, and bereaved families in Minnesota are demanding action to deal with the issue.

Distracted driving happens when a driver of an automobile engages in any activity that takes all or part of their attention away from the job of driving. Driving itself requires the undivided attention of drivers: they must monitor their speed, direction of travel, signs and lane markers and they must be on the lookout for pedestrians, other vehicles, children and other people and objects that may enter the path of their vehicle.

Mental health home client suffers personal injury on cold night

Mental health facilities in Minnesota are supposed to provide safe places for the treatment of people living with severe mental illness. An incident at a metro-area facility is an example of what is not supposed to happen at these places.

According to a report from the Minnesota Department of Health, the incident happened on a very cold night last March. Somehow, a 25-year-old resident of the facility was able to exit the building at around 10:40 at night without the facility's staff being aware of his absence.

Serious truck accident causes injuries on I-35W

Minneapolis, Minnesota, residents know that the area's many highways are often occupied by large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers. These large vehicles are bringing consumers goods, gas, food and other essentials in and out of the Metro Area. People may also be aware of the safety concerns that these large vehicles pose. With the smallest mistake, a negligent truck driver can cause serious damage to other drivers on the road because of their sheer size and power.

The devastating power of a semi-truck was seen in a recent accident. This truck accident occurred near the intersection of highway 36 and I-35W in Roseville. According to reports, in this case, a truck driver lost control over the vehicle in the wet conditions after the truck's trailer began to fishtail.

Family files medical malpractice lawsuit over lost sponge

Most Minnesota residents do not have the medical knowledge necessary to treat complex medical conditions. Even fewer have the skills necessary to perform surgery or other lifesaving medical procedures. Therefore, people turn to the select few who do have the knowledge and experience -- a doctor. Doctors are supposed to have the educational training and experience to diagnose and detect problems. They should make people healthier.

However, not all doctors live up to this standard. Some fail to uphold the standard of care that Minnesota residents have come to expect from their physician. In these cases, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary to compensate a person for the doctor's shortcomings.

440,000 U.S. deaths per year due to medical mistakes

Almost all people in Minneapolis will have a serious encounter with the health care system at some point in their lives. Minneapolitans and Minnesotans generally are blessed with one of the finest health care systems in the country. Still, there are a staggering number of deaths each year attributable to preventable mistakes.

Just how many of these preventable deaths happen? Experts estimate that 440,000 people die per year as a result of preventable mistakes. That amounts to well over 1,000 deaths a day. These deaths occur both inside and outside of the hospital setting.

Two killed in fatal car accident after pass attempt on highway

Many two-lane highways in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest wend their way through scenic places, but some of the users of these highways are not in the mood to relax and enjoy the view. When done properly, passing on two-lane highways can be a reasonably safe way for drivers traveling at differing speeds to use the same road. The problems arise when it is not done properly.

A tragic fatal car accident happened on July 15 on a scenic highway near the St. Croix River. A driver on Wisconsin Highway 35 was traveling northbound when she attempted to overtake another vehicle, according to the local sheriff's office. The driver's car reportedly made contact with the vehicle she was trying to pass, causing that vehicle to go into the ditch. The woman's car then struck another car that was coming from the other direction. That car also went into the ditch.

Grieving families support tough penalties for texting and driving

Distracted driving is a leading cause of death and injury on the roads of Minnesota and the nation. Over 3,300 people were killed and 421,000 were injured as a result of distracted driving in the United States in 2012. The problem seems almost intractable: it is estimated that at any given time, 660,000 people in the country are texting and driving or using a smartphone while operating a motor vehicle.

Now some people are proposing that Minnesota toughen its laws dealing with distracted driving. The families of the victims of distracted driving are taking the lead in this initiative. One father pointed out that Minnesota does not have a graduated system for punishing those convicted of texting and driving; the same fine is issued every time.

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