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The issues in a side-impact car accident can be complex

Each car accident is different from any other car accident. This means that courts in Minnesota look at the totality of the circumstances before assigning liability in a particular accident. One type of car accident that demonstrates this diversity is the side-impact accident, also known as a T-bone accident or broadside crash.

One T-bone accident discussed in a previous blog post exemplifies this aspect. The driver of a subcompact car was killed when her vehicle was T-boned by a van in a suburb of Minneapolis. But it was not immediately obvious which party was liable for the damages suffered in the accident because accounts varied as to which vehicle had the right of way at the time of the crash. An in-depth investigation would be necessary before liability could be assigned.

What a pedestrian should do after a car accident

Minneapolis is known for its high level of pedestrian activity, especially in the downtown, Uptown and Dinkytown areas. Unfortunately, the high level of pedestrian activity means that Minneapolis has its share of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian victims of car accidents may wonder what course of action they should take in the aftermath of the car accident.

As soon as they are able, pedestrian victims should first write down as much as they can about the accident. Things to include in the material to be recorded include injuries suffered and losses incurred, including lost wages.

What documents should I have for a medical malpractice claim?

When medical professionals in Minneapolis make mistakes that cause harm to their patients, the patients may be able to sue the medical professionals for medical malpractice. It's a good idea for people who think they are the victim of medical malpractice to meet with a lawyer who practices in this area. In order for the meeting to go smoothly and for the lawyers to working on your case quickly, there are some documents that you should bring to the meeting.

One group of documents that lawyers often want to see is your medical records. These often will provide clues as to the sort of treatment provided to you while under their care. Usually they will show medications given and advice provided and not provided. Don't worry if you don't have these records. If you bring in a list of the providers you consulted, your lawyer can get the records from the providers.

Woman killed after being rear-ended in tractor trailer accident

One of the hazards of driving in Minnesota and the upper Midwest is deer and other large animals entering the roadway. All drivers on the road must be watchful for deer and for other cars' response to deer. This goes especially for professional truck drivers. It's their job to know how to drive, and watching for deer is an integral part of knowing how to drive.

Unfortunately, it appears that one truck driver may not have been keeping a watchful eye out for deer or for other drivers. On November 19, a woman was driving her car on Interstate 94 east of the Twin Cities with her college-aged daughter as a passenger. Suddenly, a deer entered the roadway. The woman struck the deer with her car and stopped in the right lane.

Wrongful death claim against other driver may follow fatal crash

As the winter driving season begins in earnest in Minnesota, many drivers will be taking extra precautions to avoid being involved in a car accident. Crashes can happen in the wintertime, but they can happen at any other time of the year too.

Several weeks ago, this blog covered a fatal car crash that happened in Minnesota. A minivan driver attempting to pass another vehicle on a state highway collided head-on with a passenger car. The car driver was killed.

Man pleads guilty to drunk driving accident in St. Paul

For a change of pace, many Minneapolis residents occasionally like to head over to the other twin city for an evening of fun and entertainment. St. Paul can be a great place to have a good time. However, the Capital City is not immune to the carnage inflicted by drunk drivers.

According to prosecutors, on May 2 of this year, some bar patrons in downtown St. Paul were having a fun evening. All of a sudden, a pole came flying in through a large glass window. Five people in the bar were injured by the flying object.

College hockey star from Minnesota injured in auto accident

Snow and freezing temperatures have arrived in Minnesota, and that means one thing: hockey season is here. Hockey fanatics male and female are hitting rinks throughout the Land of 10,000 Lakes and surrounding states. Unfortunately, one collegiate hockey star from Minnesota will be sitting out this season due to injuries suffered in an auto accident.

The young woman in question had been a forward from a northern Minnesota town renowned for producing hockey players. After high school, she enrolled in one of the top hockey schools in the country. According to a local newspaper, the hockey player's pickup truck had stalled on a city street on November 17, and she was putting gasoline in the truck's fuel tank when her vehicle was hit by another vehicle.

Does Minnesota recognize social host liability for DWI accidents?

Minnesota and 49 other states outlaw the sale, consumption or possession of alcohol to those under the age of 21. People younger than 21 are thought by many to lack the maturity needed to consume alcohol in a responsible manner.

However, it's not uncommon for persons over the age of 21 to provide alcohol to those who are legally too young to acquire it themselves. Sometimes it's in the context of a party where young people unexpectedly turn up, other times people want to provide what they think is a safe space for underage drinkers to consume alcohol.

Medical malpractice case against cruise line allowed to proceed

As the snow flies and temperatures fall, some Minnesotans may be getting their skis, snow shoes and ice fishing gear ready. Others may be plotting their escape from the frozen tundra, and a Caribbean cruise may be high on their wish list. But what happens if someone on a cruise becomes sick or suffers a personal injury? Usually they are seen by a member of the ship's medical staff.

Prospective cruise participants may be interested to hear of a recent court decision affecting the rights of injured cruise passengers who bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the cruise line. The case involved a man who suffered a head injury on a cruise ship a few years ago.

Truck accident facts in Minnesota

Far too many people in Minnesota have been negatively affected by truck accidents. In the year 2012, 1,178 people were injured and 56 people died in truck crashes in Minnesota. Given these numbers, there is a good chance that a reader of this blog has had their life affected by such an accident.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has provided some information about 2012 truck crashes in Minnesota. The leading cause of truck crashes is driver inattention and distraction. In 20 percent of truck crashes, a distracted truck driver played at least a partial role in an accident.

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