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How is financial loss determined for a child's death?

When anyone loses their life in a car accident it is a great loss for their family and friends. However, when it is a child, the parents, siblings and others related to the child may be completely devastated by this loss. Although these situations may differ because of the ages of the victims, one thing that is similar is the action their families may take following their loss.

Man left seriously injured after car gets rear-ended

No matter how hard people try to obey the rules and laws of the road, there are still car accidents that occur on a daily basis. While there are some accidents that occur due to a driver being inattentive or failing to adhere to laws of the road, there are others that occur due to drinking and driving. When drunk driving is involved, not only is there a chance of other drivers on the road being injured, there is a chance that people will lose their lives if involved in an accident.

What drivers may recover when filing a property damage claim

Car accidents often result in people being injured, but there is also a chance that a person's vehicle has been damaged as well. When this happens, people may choose to file a claim against the driver who has caused the accident. They are entitled to recover certain things and that includes compensation for their vehicle being damaged.

Hold the pharmaceutical company liable for your injuries

Every day in the United States people visit their doctors to seek treatment for their medical conditions. When providing patients this treatment, doctors often use prescription medication. While this medication is supposed to help their patients, sometimes it fails to do so. Not only may the medication fail to address this person's medical condition, it may cause them further injury.

What are the different types of DUI charges?

Driving is a privilege that people often take for granted. When behind the wheel, instead of following the laws of the road, they choose to do the opposite and endanger the lives of others. There are many illegal acts that people commit when driving any vehicle. Speeding and not adhering to traffic signals are common acts, but another thing that people do is drive under the influence.

Red Cross truck collides with motorcycle

Truck accidents occur on every road across the United States. Like with any accidents involving one or more vehicles, there is no way of knowing where and when an accident will occur. For the most part, the one thing drivers can do is be attentive and drive in a way that does not endanger others on the road. Sometimes, just doing those two things is enough to prevent an accident, but there are times where paying close attention to the road and not driving recklessly does not help one to avoid an accident.

You should be compensated for your loved one's funeral expenses

Losing a friend, family member or any other loved one is never easy, but when it is unexpected, the loss may be harder to take. Immediately following your loss, you may find yourself scrambling to make sense of what has happened and also trying to figure out how you will move on without your loved one by your side. None of this is easy, but there are things that can be done to help make the process seem a lot less difficult.

Why certain actions are considered reckless driving

Almost anything can cause a car accident. Drivers may do their best to prevent accidents from occurring, but not every accident that occurs is avoidable. While some car accidents cannot be avoided, others certainly can. When people drive recklessly, they are putting themselves and others in danger. With this being the case, people should be aware of what is considered reckless driving and what is considered safe driving.

Why a bar may be held liable for a drunk driving accident

Drunk driving is something that people do far too often. It is already a risk getting behind the wheel of any vehicle, but when you are impaired, it can increase your risk of getting into an accident. If you are involved in a drunk driver accident, before you file a claim against the party you think is responsible, you may want to stop and decide if there is really only one person to blame for the accident.

Geraldo Rivera files medical malpractice suit

Medical malpractice cases can be tricky. It is already hard enough for someone to deal with the fact that their doctor has failed at helping them, but it can be especially difficult when they cause further damage and deny that they have done so. Even though a patient may feel strongly that the doctors or the hospital are to blame for a particular injury, it doesn't mean that the party being blamed agrees with this. When this happens, it is likely that all of the facts will be examined before the courts can decide who is right or wrong in this situation, should the case go to court.

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