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There may be many liable parties in an injurious truck accident

When a truck driver in Hennepin County drives negligently, anyone else on or near the roads could conceivably be a victim. Given the amount of training necessary to hold a commercial driver's license, there should really be very little if any negligent truck driving out there. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true.

As discussed in this blog a few weeks ago, even other semitrailer drivers are not immune from the terrible consequences of a scofflaw truck driver. A driver was killed when another trucker allegedly ran a stop sign while distracted by his cellphone on September 19.

Minnesota rolling out new terms to describe road conditions

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and that means one thing: the winter driving season in Minnesota is just around the corner. The Minnesota Department of Transportation announced on October 9 that it will be changing the terminology they use to describe winter road conditions effective this winter.

Previously, MnDOT used the following terms to describe road conditions: good, fair, difficult and hazardous/travel not advised. A department spokeswoman said that MnDOT received numerous complaints about this terminology. People reportedly felt that the terms were too subjective.

Suing a driver for injuries suffered in a drunk driving accident

Minneapolis residents may remember the news item from last summer where two bicyclists were injured in an accident that allegedly involved a drunk driver. The story was covered in this blog a few months ago.

Everyone knows that a driver can be prosecuted if probable cause exists that he or she drove while intoxicated. But it also may be possible for the victims of a drunk driver to sue the driver for the injuries they suffered. This can be done regardless of whether the driver is prosecuted and regardless of whether the driver is convicted or not.

One killed, 1 injured in Minnesota car accident

Motorists in Minnesota are expected to drive their vehicles carefully. With so many other people on the roads, it is important for all drivers to do this. When drivers fail to do follow this rule, fatal accidents can result.

On October 2, there was a fatal car crash in central Minnesota. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, a driver in a minivan attempted to pass a car on a state highway when the minivan collided with a passenger car coming the other direction. The 37-year-old driver of the passenger car was killed in the collision.

Who can be held responsible for medical malpractice?

It's not something most people in Minneapolis want to think about, but medical malpractice affects far too many people every year. Misdiagnosis, wrong site surgery and worse can hurt people when they least expect it: while under the care of medical professionals.

Although the question seems pretty basic, it has a surprisingly complex answer: Who can be held responsible for an injury suffered due to medical malpractice? First, the medical professionals who allegedly provided the injurious care may be held responsible. These professionals have a duty to care for patients in accordance with a national standard of care. When they fail to meet this standard, and injury results, the affected patient may have a case against the medical professional.

Determining fault and liability in a left-turn car crash

Automobile accidents in Hennepin County are not all the same. Differing streets, roads and other driving environments mean that any number of things can go wrong. The other driver may be drunk, distracted or neither of the above.

Due to the fact that there are some scenarios that come up again and again, many car accidents do fall into several broad categories, however. For some of these categories, it is possible to make very general statements as to which driver may be at fault. These statements must be qualified by reiterating that the circumstances of each automobile accident is unique.

Deadly truck accident allegedly caused by distracted truck driver

The privilege of driving a commercial vehicle in Minnesota comes with major responsibilities. Drivers of large, heavy trucks must operate their vehicles in a way that does not hurt others. Driving is their job, and like the rest of us, they must do their jobs in a professional manner.

According to officials in southwestern Minnesota, one semi driver did not take this responsibility seriously enough. The man faces charges of criminal vehicular homicide, careless driving and a moving violation after a deadly truck accident on September 19.

Drunk drivers, bars and restaurants may be liable for injuries

Hundreds of Minnesota residents suffer injuries in drunk driving accidents each year. When a victim of a drunk driving accident suffers severe injuries, it can affect both the victim and the victim's loved ones. Whether it's missed time from work, hospital bills or pain and suffering, the damages, both physical and psychological, can add up quickly.

These victims probably already know that - depending on the circumstances - the drunk driver can be held liable for the damages suffered as a result of the drunk driver's negligence. If the damages are particularly terrible, however, the drunk driver's assets and insurance policy may not be enough to cover the damages of the injured parties.

Who is at fault in a rear-end accident?

Perhaps you've just been injured in a car accident. You feel that you've been victimized by the other driver's poor driving. But which party is legally at fault for the accident?

This question can be important for injured parties in Minneapolis because the party who is at fault may be liable for the injuries suffered by another party. The party who is at fault may be determined by a court to be a negligent driver, and this determination can trigger liability for damages suffered by others.

How long after an accident must a wrongful death suit be filed?

The unexpected loss of a loved one can come about in countless ways: a fatal car accident, a sudden illness, an incident of medical malpractice or even a fatal boating accident on one of Minnesota's famous lakes. What these situations have in common are their profound tragedy and unforeseen consequences.

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