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Why is a person's blood alcohol level tested after an accident?

Drunk driving accidents happen far too often and they are something that people cannot prepare for. All drunk driving accidents can be prevented, but with people continuing to make the decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, these types of accidents will continue to occur around the United States. People are lucky when they survive these accidents, but regardless of what happens, it is possible that some of the parties involved will have their blood alcohol levels tested when there is a drunk driving accident because it can help prove fault.

Man prevented from operating interstate and intrastate commerce

Any type of accident can be traumatizing, but when people are involved in truck accidents, they may have trouble coping with the incident, but may also feel exceptionally lucky to have walked away with their lives. Trucks are large and weigh a lot, so when they collide with cars and any other vehicle, it is likely that people will be injured or may even lose their life as a result. It is important that people are safe on the roads, but when they are driving a truck or are in a vehicle near a large a truck, they should be paying close attention, so they do not drive recklessly and cause an accident.

Various factors can help determine fault in an auto accident

After being involved in a car accident, many people choose to file a claim and seek compensation from the liable party. In some situations, a driver will admit fault because they know they were the one who caused the accident, but not everyone will admit to their reckless, careless driving. Should this happen, the driver seeking compensation will have to prove that the other driver was at fault to better ensure receiving a fair settlement.

Medical expenses can mount in fatal car accidents

Getting into a car accident can be a huge inconvenience. In some cases, it can be life changing, especially when you lose a loved one as a result. While some are able to walk away from a car accident without a scratch on them, others aren't so lucky. Should you lose a loved one in a car accident and decide to seek compensation from the driver who was at fault, you should request compensation for their medical expenses as well.

Woman left dead after accident with unlicensed drunk driver

Drunk driving accidents occur far too often. Even though people know that getting behind the wheel of any vehicle while they are drunk is never a good idea, unfortunately, some still drive while intoxicated. In some cases, they may be able to avoid getting into an accident and safely make it to their destination, but there have been many accidents that have left people seriously injured or dead.

When does the statute of limitations begin?

People who are suffering from a medical condition or just want to get help for the pain they are experiencing often choose to see a doctor. Even though they may visit a doctor expecting to get help, people sometimes leave in worse condition than when they walked through the doors. When people feel as though their medical provider is guilty of medical malpractice, they should remember to act fast because the statute of limitations can greatly affect whether or not they can be compensated for their troubles.

A hazardous roadway may be the cause of your truck accident

Whenever there is an accident of any kind, people are quick to blame another driver. It is true that people make poor decisions while behind the wheel, and this often causes accidents, but there are other reasons that can cause an accident that do not involve drivers. A good example of this is when accidents occur on hazardous roadways.

How a minor's status can affect their wrongful death claim

Losing a loved one can be devastating. In some cases, this person's death is the result of an accident and family members are completely caught off guard by their death. Other cases may involve medical malpractice and murder. Family, friends and children are all dealing with the loss. As an adult, a wrongful death claim may be filed immediately. A minor may want to file a wrongful death claim. However, there is an age restriction on filing, and so they will have to wait to file.

What are the possible consequences for a DUI conviction?

Driving is a huge responsibility that people should take seriously. It is already bad enough that car accidents occur when drivers are paying attention and following the rules of the road, but it is worse when people make poor decisions, such as driving under the influence, and endanger other drivers purposefully. With it being a known fact that drunk driving is illegal, those who choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated should have to face the consequences of their actions no matter what they may be.

One left dead after fatal two-car accident

When a car accident occurs, it can happen for many reasons. Drivers are all too often negligent, inattentive and reckless rather than attentive, careful and following the rule of the road. And unfortunately, it is possible for a person to get into an accident even if he or she does not drive recklessly.

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