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St. Paul woman killed in hit-and-run car accident

Minnesota residents who possess their own automobile frequently give lifts to friends and family. Whether it's carpooling, helping an elderly relative or giving a ride to someone less fortunate, most folks are happy to do others a favor in this manner.

Unfortunately, one generous driver in St. Paul was recently killed in a hit-and-run car accident. The driver stopped in a residential neighborhood the evening of November 1 to drop off her passenger. After the passenger exited the vehicle and proceeded on foot to her destination, the driver alighted from the car in order to continue their conversation.

According to the passenger, she heard an ominous thud from the direction of the vehicle. She turned and saw a sport utility vehicle leave the scene. The passenger determined that her friend had been hit. The woman was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police suspect that a silver Lexus SUV may have been the vehicle that struck the car accident victim. Officers made this deduction after finding parts of a passenger-side mirror in the street.

The victim's friends are helping in the search for the miscreant driver by handing out fliers. One friend said that the victim would be missed by her many friends.

Many a drunk driver, distracted driver or driver with another legal issue has attempted to elude responsibility for their actions by leaving the scene of an accident without stopping to help or provide information. Authorities almost always track down the perpetrators, who usually find themselves in more trouble than if they had simply stopped.

Not only do these hit-and-run drivers face criminal responsibility for their actions, but they can be held liable for medical expenses and other costs they are found to be responsible for.

Source: CBS Minnesota, "Friends Of Woman Killed In Hit-And-Run Hope Driver Comes Forward," Nov. 2, 2013

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